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“I spend a lot of my time doing art and drawing. I like to spend time with my friends.” – Sean




Hello… and THANK YOU!!

My name is Sean and I’m one of the candle-makers at Bolster. The candle you have in your hand right now was made by none other than my wonderful self. And I truly can’t thank you enough. The money you’ve spent goes right back into our community and is used for services at Bolster that support families, young adults and seniors. From babies to older people, you’ve just helped us make a difference for people of all ages.

I am loving my time here with my Bolster Buddies. I enjoy spending my day helping everyone and doing messages down the town, I know everyone and they all know me. The craic is great. I have been busy making candles in our workshop. I love all the scents and can’t pick a favourite, they are all just to nice.

Thank you for buying  my candle “your are terrific”

That is a true act of kindness right there.


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