Parents Plus Special Needs

Our trained facilitators deliver this evidence-based parenting programme

The Parents Plus Special Needs Programme (PPSN) is designed specifically for parents of an adolescent with an intellectual disability, and aims to support parent in their valuable roles, by providing a supportive environment that empowers them to find their own solutions to the challenges and problems that they encounter.

The PPSN Programme is suitable for parents who are raising an adolescent with special needs. The ideas in the course are most suitable for parents of older children, adolescents or young adults who are preparing for, or experiencing, challenges relating to adolescence.

Goals of the Parents Plus Special Needs Programme

  • Understanding the journey of parenting an adolescent with special needs
  • Managing parental stress and improving self-care
  • Supporting siblings (brothers and sisters) and family relationships
  • Supporting parents and their relationship with each other
  • Establishing good family routines
  • Managing concerning behaviours
  • Advocating for your children

The overall goal of this programme is to support parents and to help them to have a close, connected family relationships and to bring up their children to be happy, reaching their full potential.