Since 2004, we have been actively working alongside children & parents, helping to build stronger families

Family Support Impact 2020


Engagements with families


of Parents recorded progress and maintaining routine within the family


of families recorded progress in boundaries and behaviours within the household

The service provides:

  • Short-term practical support when a parent is ill or recovering from illness e.g. shopping, light house-work; running messages etc
  • Behaviour management advice and parenting tips.
  • Direct work with a child who is anxious, worried or struggling to manage their emotions and behaviour.
  • Advocating for parents and accompanying to meetings if required.
  • Identifying and signposting to additional services when appropriate.
  • Supporting parents to access grants to address material poverty.

“I can’t put into words the difference the support has made to me. The support for the whole family – myself in particular. It has been brilliant and it has taken the pressure off at a time when I really needed it, I can’t thank you enough – the support has been invaluable.

Jackie, Mum of 4 who received home-based support

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