Local Business partners with Bolster Community to help local people get through and get ahead

Kehoe Kars adopts ‘buy social’ partnership with Bolster Community to help the charity meet the surge in demand for its community support services.

Bolster Community (previously known as Space NI) today announces a partnership with local car dealership, Kehoe Kars that will help the local support charity support individuals and families in our community to get back on their feet.

Doing good also means doing good business for Bolster Community. It is a charity offering practical support for individuals and families across Newry and Mourne as well as a social enterprise selling luxury gifts, handmade by young adults of mixed ability. All profits of its ‘buy social’ products go back into supporting its vital work.

Having found their ideal vehicle, customers of Kehoe Kars will also drive home with a special gift – a luxury soy wax candle that has been lovingly handmade at Bolster Community. This buy social gift is a gift that keeps on giving. It supports the young adults with additional needs who make the candles and provides much needed funding for Bolster Community’s charity services that support the most vulnerable in our local community.

John Kehoe, Dealer Principal at Kehoe Kars visited Bolster Community’s Marcus Street gift shop, met with some of the candle makers and explained their decision to adopt a buy social approach:

“Bolster Community mirrors our ethos of going the extra mile (pardon the pun) for our customers and our local community. It was an extremely easy decision for us to adopt a buy social approach and give our customers an extra special gift, handmade by the remarkable volunteers I met at its Marcus Street gift shop today.

“Delighting our customers while giving back to our local community makes Bolster Community the ideal partner for us and their candles, the perfect corporate gift.”

Eamonn Connolly, Bolster Community’s Chairperson, commented on the partnership and what it means to the charity to have local business support:

John Kehoe, Dealer Principal at Kehoe Kars with Bolster Community Chairperson Eamonn Connolly at the charity’s local gift shop in Marcus Street, Newry.

“We are delighted to partner with John and his team at Kehoe Kars, a company that values its customers and the local community.

“Since COVID-19 hit in March, we’ve witnessed a 70% surge in demand for our community support services; many of our friends and neighbours are struggling. We’ve been able to meet this demand through the resolve and determination of our fantastic team and the support of our incredible ‘buy social’ partners like Kehoe Kars.”

Bolster Community has the privilege of supporting countless children, parents, individuals of mixed ability and seniors to get through and get ahead. If you or a family member need help or you are able to help Bolster Community do more good, please get in touch with the team: 028 3083 5764 or info@bolstercommunity.org