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“Besides candles and cooking, I’m a major cat lover.” – Olivia



Hello there!! My name is Olivia. I’m one of the candle-makers at Bolster Community.

My absolute favourite smell is Lavender Spa. It’s so calming and relaxing and it makes me feel as though I’m out in nature even when I’m indoors. Even though it’s my personal favourite, I still enjoy all the other scents that our team make.


It’s so lovely to spend time with Noreen and Kathy and everyone at Bolster. I really enjoy making candles and I love that we get the chance to spend time on other things, like cooking! Besides candles and cooking, I’m a major cat lover. I’m happiest when I’m with my cat or at Bolster.


Thank you for buying my candle. Your purchase means we get to keep doing more of what we love at Bolster, and that’s making a difference in the community (with the environment… and animals in mind)! The next time you smell one of our vegan-friendly scents, remember that YOU ARE making a difference.

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