Noreen McConville

Retail Manager

Noreen McConville is our social enterprise support as well as managing our retail outlet; she is also our chief candle maker, soap maker and all round volunteer “firm favourite”. Noreen is often seen making candles, soothing brows and looking after all of our special volunteers and helpers. She joined the Bolster Community team a few years ago now, and we cannot imagine the place without her—she wears many hats without ever messing her hair!

Noreen is the mama hen in Shop, a much-loved mother and grandmother, Noreen is never done giving advice, providing encouragement and providing a listening ear to all who pass her way! Noreen is a grafter, practically focused with a no-nonsense approach, Noreen likes to get the job done, Noreen being one of the famous Hand family from Newry, has a very creative flair and often wows us with her creations and approach to most tasks and challenges.

Most days you can find Noreen, hoking (it’s a Newry thing!) about the back of the shop uncovering donated treasure to sell.

As a long-standing resident of Newry, Noreen has so many colloquial expressions staff often ask for a translation. Her heart of gold however shines for all to see!

With a passion for weeee vodka and a shine for the sun Noreen is our Golden girl always ready to jump in her car to deliver a candle, collect a volunteer and is occasionally found heading for the sun with her two gorgeous daughters!