Local Family Raise £1,810 to Support Bolster Community  

Local Family Raise £1,810 to Support Bolster Community  

The Devlin Brother’s Memorial Cup Knockout darts competition was recently held at Clady Social Club in aid of Bolster Community. A huge success with over 100 attendees raising £1,810 for a local charity.   

Bolster Community sends a heartfelt thank you to Edel and Sean Devlin, and their children Rosie and Eddie for their kind donation to their organisation. 

Bolster Community, a charity and social enterprise based in Newry who provide practical support to families, individuals and the community who are facing life’s challenges. Bolster also provide opportunities for individuals with autism and learning disabilities. 

Edel told us, “We were keen that the proceeds would go to Bolster Community when we were planning the event as we have received amazing support over the past year for Rosie and Eddie. Bolster Community has helped us as parents and offers Eddie and Rosie new chances to interact with other autistic children. We had a fantastic turnout, with friends, family, and neighbours coming together for a worthy cause. I want to express my gratitude to everyone who participated in the planning and supported us with a successful event!”     

Support worker Jena Henning from Bolster Community commented, “We are truly humbled by the kindness of Edel and Sean.  This gift will enable us to reach out to more children like Rosie, whose families are affected by autism.  It is amazing that Edel and Sean, a young family dealing with extraordinary difficulties, have invested the time and effort to plan this event. Thanks to donations like this, Bolster Community was able to support over 8,000 people last year – Thank you.”    

Since 2004, Bolster Community we’ve had the privilege of helping countless individuals reach their full potential. From early years right through to later years, they support and strengthen people facing life’s tough challenges. Bolster Community (previously known as SPACE NI), has grown from a small campaigning organisation in Warrenpoint, to a key third sector agency providing services, support, training and leadership on community development, resilience and well-being. This £1,810 donation will help us to provide more support services for people in the local area.