Aine Rocks


Aine is our administrator, immaculately groomed with never a hair out of place, Aine is a key cog in the Bolster wheel. Currently Aine is claiming the “healthiest” Buddy award for mainly eating Ryvita at lunch and hiding when the remains of the Christmas chocolates are being scavenged for. Aine is that colleague who mostly says “Yip, I did that yesterday”, Aine goes about her work in an orderly organised fashion, she is also that colleague who you go to when you need a pragmatic solution or truthful answer.

Aine lives by the phrase ‘honesty is the best policy’. Aine is very efficient at her job, and keeps us all in order with her excellent organisational skills. Aine is the gentle backbone in Bolster Community; Aine is the steady foundations on which a lot of our external and internal communications rotate. Aine is a cool, calm collected kinda gal! She doesn’t get too excited but gets everything to the right place at the right time in the right order! Outside of work, Aine is a dedicated mum to two children and runs a busy family household. Aine prides herself on having excellent customer service skills and vast experience to provide administrative support to a busy and fast-paced modern organisation.