Strategic Plan

Lindsay’s Story:

Anyone with four kids will tell you they are hard work; little did I know when I brought my little bundles of joy home from hospital that life was going to be this tough. Two of my boys were diagnosed with autism and the other with ADHD. One of the boys was soiling himself several times every day, at my wits end I made a referral to the Newry Family Support Hub and SPACE NI accepted it for their family support service. Our family support worker was lovely, she has shown me how to help my son manage his moods and regulate his behaviour and it has worked! For the first time in eighteen months he is calm and has stopped soiling himself. She helped me to realise that because the boys required so much attention my daughter was becoming withdrawn. She told me about the Friends Resilience Programme that SPACE NI offer and this has helped her immensely she has stopped bottling all her worries up and comes and talks to me now. SPACE NI have helped me and my kids immensely, my family support worker has been a lifeline to me, when I’ve felt alone with no-one to talk to – I just ring her. This is the best support I have ever had.